Art Now: Raqib Shaw

07 October17 December 2006

Millbank, London

In October 2006 Raqib Shaw exhibited as part of Tate’s Art Now, a series of exhibitions at Tate Britain focusing on new work by emerging artists. For his exhibition Shaw took as inspiration the work of Hans Holbein a Sixteenth Century German artist and printmaker. It was Hans Holbein’s painting The Ambassadors that Shaw first encountered on arriving in London from Kashmir at the tender age of sixteen.

Art Now: Raqib Shaw, Tate Britain 2006.


Exhibition Artworks

Altarpiece, 2006

Anne, 2006

Jane, 2006

Henry VIII, 2006

Reflections I, 2006

Reflections II, 2006

Reflections III, 2006

Maquette, 2006

Garden of Earthly delights X, 2004