Raqib Shaw

15 February26 May 2013


In 2013 Raqib Shaw had a small survey exhibition at Manchester City Art Gallery, it was his first exhibition in the city.

“Visitors upon entering the gallery doors sweep past a magical series of willow and spring flower installations to discover paintings, sculptures and works on paper by Raqib Shaw. Beneath the seductive surface of his jewel-encrusted works, there lies a disturbing land inhabited by terrifying monkey warriors and other mythical beasts. Especially or the exhibition Shaw created a striking response to Manchester’s famous Cheetah and Stag with Two Indians by George Stubbs. Inspired by the impression the painting made on the artist as a young boy, this provocative work was on display alongside the original from the gallery collection. Other major works on display included Adam, a painted bronze overlaid with black diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The exhibition also featured a selection of glitter and rhinestone-encrusted acrylic works on paper from Shaw’s recent series Of Beasts and Super-Beasts. First shown in Paris in 2012, these incredibly detailed pieces depict creatures and still lives drawn from the artist’s imagination and highlight Shaw’s passion for drawing.” – Manchester City Art Gallery.

The exhibition was a collaboration between Manchester Art Gallery and Rudolfinum Prague.

Raqib Shaw, Manchester Art Gallery, 2013.

Installation photograph courtesy Manchester Art Gallery.

Artworks photographed by Prudence Cummings Associates, Ben Westoby, Todd-White Art Photography, Ellen Broughton and Stephen White.


Exhibition Artworks

Gardens of Earthly Delights Synopsis, 2012

Paradise Lost Synopsis, 2012

Absence of God Synopsis, 2012

Flower Clock, 2012

Candelabrum I, 2012

Candelabrum II, 2012

The Napoleon Suite, 2012

Suite of the Emerald Green Boudoir, 2012

Suite of the Ruby Red Boudoir of Beasts, 2012

Monkey King Boudoir I, 2012

Monkey King Boudoir II, 2012

Whimsy Beasties ‘Cock-A-Luki’, 2012

Whimsy Beasties ‘Cock-A-Liki’, 2012

Whimsy Beasties ‘Hounderel I’, 2012

Whimsy Beasties ‘Hounderel II’, 2012

Whimsy Beasties ‘Falchip’, 2012

Whimsy Beasties ‘Vulchip’, 2012

St. Sebastian of the Poppies, 2012

The Last Lament of the First Bird Man of the Universe, 2011

Invasion of the Divine Fireballs, 2011

Ode to the Fireballs of Pleasure, 2011

Ode to the First Tonbo Dance/Ode to the Second Tonbo Dance, 2011

The First Bird Man of the Universe/The Second Bird Man of the Universe, 2011

Small Adam, 2011

An Ode to the Dissolving Silk of Dusk, 2011

Ode to the Lost Moon When Innocence Was Young, 2010

Blue Moon Beam Gatherer, 2010

Ode to the Lost Moon of the Lesser Himalayas on the Banks of the Lidder, 2009

Absence of God VII, 2008

Absence of God V, 2008

Absence of God III, 2008

Garden of Earthly Delights XIV, 2005

Manchester Whimsy I, 2013

Manchester Whimsy II, 2013

Manchester Whimsy III, 2013

Manchester Whimsy IV, 2013

Manchester Whimsy V, 2014

Manchester Whimsy VI, 2014

Maquette for Narcissus (White), 2010