Raqib Shaw: Landscapes of Kashmir

05 April18 May 2019

New York

For his second exhibition at Pace Gallery Raqib Shaw drew inspiration from his childhood memories of Kashmir and the nature and architecture of the Indian subcontinent, mining and re-envisioning his own personal history through a new series of compulsively-detailed, meticulously-crafted, and emotionally-potent paintings.

Raqib Shaw: Landscapes of Kashmir, Pace Gallery 2019.

Installation photograph courtesy of Pace Gallery.

Artwork photographed by Prudence Cuming Associates & Pace Gallery.

Exhibition Artworks

The Four Seasons “Spring”, 2019

The Four Seasons “Summer”, 2018

The Four Seasons “Autumn”, 2019

The Four Seasons “Winter”, 2019

From Narcissus to Icarus after Deujuner sur l’herbe, 2018

Ode to the Valley of Wonderment, 2019

Allegory of Memories through Monozukuri, 2018

Seeking Simurgh, 2019

The Martyrdom of Icarus (After Honthorst and Carracci), 2019

Self Portrait in Kashmir Landscape after Joachim Patinir, 2018