Self Portraits

03 July11 September 2016

Bermondsey, London

In July 2016 White Cube Bermondsey presented an exhibition of new paintings and sculpture by Raqib Shaw. This exhibition included a series of paintings referencing, in part, Old Masters from the collections of the National Gallery, London, and Prado Museum, Madrid, as well as three new bronze sculptures that recall the style of the Renaissance Mannerist period.

“In the new series of paintings, the most autobiographical to date, Shaw borrows compositions from 15th, 16th and 17th century Old Master paintings, including works by Girolamo Mocetto, Ludovico Mazzolino, Antonello da Messina, Carlo Crivelli, Marcello Venusti, Jan Gossaert and Hendrick van Steenwyck the Younger. Rendering their classical architecture with exacting detail, Shaw transforms the religious scenes of the originals by bringing in elements of his Peckham studio, the landscape of his childhood home in Kashmir, Hindu iconography and Japanese architecture. Shaw’s new bronze sculptures, based on Mannerist sculpture, which itself used iconography from Classical Antiquity, respond to the freedom, movement and exuberance of these forms and the conflation of internal and external modes of being. The sculptures are made using the lost wax casting technique, and use a patina which is exactly the same as that used by Renaissance sculptors.” – White Cube.

Raqib Shaw: Self Portraits, White Cube 2016.

Installation photographed by Ben Westoby, courtesy White Cube, London · Hong Kong.

Artworks photographed by Prudence Cummings Associates and Ben Westoby.


Exhibition Artworks

Centaur Trio, 2016

Centaur Duo, 2016

Nonet, 2016

Ichimatsu Yoko and Minty (After Zurbarán), 2016

Self Portrait as Yugiri with Mr C (After Zurbarán), 2016

Last Rites of Artist’s Ego at Shankryacharya Temple (After Ludivico Mazzolino), 2016

Self Portrait with Fireflies at the Oracle of Ridicule and Truth (After Gerolamo Mocetto), 2016

Self Portrait in the Sculpture Studio at Peckham (After Gerolamo Mocetto) II, 2016

Self Portrait in the Study at Peckham (After Vincenzo Catena) Kashmir Version, 2016

The Adoration (After Jan Gosseart), 2015

Self Portrait in the Studio at Peckham (After Steenwyck the Younger) II, 2015

Self Portrait in the Study at Peckham (A Reverie after Antonello da Messina’s Saint Jerome) II, 2015

The Purification of the Temple (After Marcello Venusti) II, 2015

The Annunciation (After Carlo Crivelli), 2014