The Martyrdom of Icarus (After Honthorst and Carracci), 2019

Allegory of Melancholy (After Lucas Cranach the Elder), 2018

Kashmir Danaƫ, 2016

Self Portrait of Bottom (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), 2016

Self Portrait as The Opium Smoker (A Midsummer Night’s Dream), 2016

Act 3 in the Organ Room at Glyndebourne (Die Meistersinger), 2016

The Purification of the Temple (After Marcello Venusti) II, 2015

Self Portrait in the Sculpture Studio at Peckham (After Gerolamo Mocetto) II, 2016

Self Portrait with Fireflies at the Oracle of Ridicule and Truth (After Gerolamo Mocetto), 2016

Self Portrait in the Study at Peckham (After Vincenzo Catena) Kashmir Version, 2016

Last Rites of Artist’s Ego at Shankryacharya Temple (After Ludivico Mazzolino), 2016

Self Portrait in the Studio at Peckham (After Steenwyck the Younger) II, 2015