The Adoration (After Jan Gosseart), 2015

The Annunciation (After Carlo Crivelli), 2014

Ichimatsu Yoko and Minty (After Zurbarán), 2016

Self Portrait as Yugiri with Mr C (After Zurbarán), 2016

Nonet, 2016

Centaur Duo, 2016

Centaur Trio, 2016

The Purification of the Temple (After Venusti) I, 2015

Self Portrait in the Study at Peckham (A Reverie After Antonello Da Messina’s Saint Jerome) I, 2014

Self Portrait in the Sculpture Studio at Peckham (After Mocetto) I, 2015

Self Portrait in the Studio at Peckham (After Steenwyck the Younger) I, 2014

Duo I, 2014

Raqib Shaw